It is unusually sunny and warm up here in The Scottish Highlands and I am completely distracted from my creative work – it is too nice to be inside and there is quite a lot of work outside as well. Since I hurt my back and neck last week I haven’t been able to felt anyway but I have tried to prepare everything for natural dyeing. Caroline lended me kindly this great book, which is unfortunately out of print (there are some used on Amazon, pretty overpriced) so I could do more reading. First I soaked the wool and left it in the water overnight as it has to be completely wet before mordatiang. The next day I simmered the wool in alum mordant bath and left it in there there again over the night. Then I rinsed the wool, squized the water out and put it in the fridge in a plastic bag (no one has discovered it yet :). The books say that it is good to “age” the wool leaving it undisturbed for 3 to 5 days since it takes on the colour better  + it is better to keep it  wet rather than drying it because it is difficult to wet once mordanted fibre. OK, I obeyed.

And here are my natural dyes: gorse, dandelion and daffodil (picture missing) – and I still have the red cabbage. I have bought some natural dyes as well but since these are right next to our house I thought I would try them first. They are more effective when used fresh than dry.

And I wanted to show you this scarf as well. Since I have started to felt I have been more interested in thin and cobweb felt rather than traditional thicker one. It reminds me more of a fabric and I am very much a fabric person. When I was making those thin scarves I often wondered where is the limit: what is the thinniest scarf I could make? I think I have reached that point with this scarf (for now). It measures 127 x 30 cm and weights 8 grams.


7 thoughts on “preparations

  1. Wow that is so fine! Gosh that must have taken some work to get it that thin. Good luck with the dying – I bet that book makes for interesting reading and ideas.

  2. I just picked up this book from our library today. Wow. Have fun with the dyeing experiments. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I have that book, I have never used it but always thought it would come in handy one day!

  4. I love your light and cobwebby scarves. I have only seen the thicker felt and think it must be hard to drape as a scarf. These look so lovely and soft and drapey!

  5. Hello, I am wanting to make wool felt that thin, it is exactly what I am wanting to do. It is for fabric in which I will make a jacket out of and enter it in a competition. Do you have any hints or can you explain to me how to make this, I have never felted before, and I am eager to learn! Thank you

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