Thoughts on a skirt

Dear Ladies!

Thank you all for coming here and your suggestions about the skirt especially! I find them very helpful. Maya, I like the idea of something floaty with a good drape and Kneek, yes, I am tempted to dye it. But I am still thinking…

I don’t have the right type of fabric at home and it is quite difficult to match two right pinks as pinks usually clash. This one is more baby pink, but the white wool makes it very subtle. I feel that the best fabric would be something like georgette of the same colour. Where am I going to find it with one fabric shop in the whole Highlands???

So I could dye it, but: the lacy top is polyester and will stay the same colour if I use dyes for wool. I could attatch silk skirt and use the same dyes as the silk and the wool are both protein fibres. I am almost sure it will be different shade though as silk must not be simmered as the wool is when dyed … will it not clash?

So till I find answeres for these questions I have tried to felt a skirt. Here it is in pictures:

This tulip happened to be on our kitchen table and I thought I would try this colour combination. It is so beautiful!

Here I layered 3 fine layers of white merino, pink shades and some green plus nylon fibre – on our kitchen table 1 m in diameter.

Here is the skirt after felting is finished, folded in half. The white was too white and the green made it even whiter and icy so I dipped the skirt into a tea bath, but obviously not for long enough. I was afraid, you can imagine. Still I could see a change towards butter or vanilla.

Here you can see how it shrunk: both ways.

And here it is completely dry and ironed. Not bad, isn’t it?

This is a detail. I surely was thinking more about tulip than a top when layering the wool. The skirt matches the tulip…

… but not so much the skirt.

This is more real picture as for colours.

But still. I am now definitely for something drapable and floaty. I think felted skirt would be too heavy for the top. So now I will have to make a top to match this skirt and find fabric to match the felted top … 🙂

… or maybe not. The rule is that almost always we have things at home which we need: in this case I found a skirt which I feel goes perfectly with the top. So until I find the fabric this will do.

As for the felted skirt, the trick is that I have one skirt but two daughters already fighting for it. So I will probably have to make another one… 🙂


Btw, could anyone help me?  When I clicked on “add an image” icon, the window opened at the bottom of my screen, which means that I couldn’t click on “insert an image” (it is out of the screen if you know what I mean).  There is no way I can drag the window around. And on the bottom left it writes: Error on Page and Done, but with errors on page. Please, help! I did find some tough way around it but it took me ages!






6 thoughts on “Thoughts on a skirt

  1. What a fantastic piece! Did you make the skirt with a resist? That looks like a table under the skirt – it isn’t the resist is it? How large is the skirt? I love it. I’m awfully jealous.

    Sorry I can’t offer any technical help. I hope you find your way through it.

  2. Monika~
    You are such a perfectionist!
    I think the skirt goes lovely with the top!!!
    It’s very fairy-like!
    and the other skirt looks great too.
    you have a good sense of colour and texture!
    There is a fabric shop in Inchmore…..
    have you tried ebay for fabric??

  3. I’m not at all surprised that the girls are fighting over the skirt It’s fab!!!
    I’m betting you are thinking of buying a bigger kitchen table so that you can make one for you’re self!

  4. You are not far from truth, Caroline! I am thinking about making let’s say a bigger skirt- with all this shrinkage one never knows – but I will have to go on my knees probably – unless we first buy a bigger house for a bigger table that is.

    Kneek, as you can see now on my blog with picture problems fixed I layered the merino on our kitchen table which is a round shape and diameter 1 m. I just guessed. I knew it would shrink but the skirt could still fit my younger daughter or it could be a poncho for one of them… I just don´t like to make samples for every project.
    And that was about it. I continued felting in a usual way.
    I didn´t overlap the fibres in a middle completly, they were mostly touching each other with their ends. First I thought I would leave a hole there but with felting it could ge too big. When the skirt was out of vinegar bath ´= completly felted, the hole became bigger anyway plus I pulled it open as hard as I could and stretched it on the wooden spoon and left it dry. The lenght is 35 cm, it is almost circle and the waist is 56 cm. I still have to work on some type of closure = will have to cut it a bit, because my older daughter can´t fit into it. Next time I would do it before rinsing so that I could felt the edges and neaten them…

    thanks for coming here! and for the Inchmore tip, you are right, she does bridal and the like fabrics. I might go there.
    I tried e-bay, but will have to make a “faith leap” as you never know the exact shade of the fabric…

  5. What beautiful colouring, so like the tulip.Whenever I dye something it ends up looking like a dish rag. Such subtle colouring is beautiful. well done.

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