Felting with feltmakers

On Saturday I went to The Highlands Feltmakers Group in Dingwall together with Caroline. What a great day we had! We were felting along with other felt enthusiasts for good five hours. Caroline was making something so colorful and cute but I won’t tell you before she does on her blog.

I have tried nuno felting.

I bought this pinkish lacy top at the car boot sale and guessed that if I felt in the wool it could shrink to my older daughter’s size. And it did! Again I just used white merino and a bit of nylon fibre. I layered merino from both sides, more from the wrong side so that a bit of lacy pattern would be still visible and not covered with the wool. The wool from the wrong side shrunk and pulled the fabric causing this lovely texture.

You can see the shrinkage here: I used the plastic as a resist, at the beginning of felting the plastic was inside the top.

I am still thinking if to dye it or leave it as it is, plus if to attach a skirt and make a dress or leave it as a top… What do you think?




  1. Monika thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I have been following your feltmaking and love all the experimenting you are doing! That vest top is great. I felted over lace for a baroque costume in university and loved the effect – I must try and hunt out the photographs!

  2. I think the bubbly surface of the top is such a beautiful texture. Your experiments with felting and deying have produced some super results, you must be thrilled.I think a piece of fabric – something light and floaty attached to the top like a skirt would be very nice.

  3. Wow this came out nice! I’m going to have to try felting someday sooner rather than later. Hmmn, to skirt or not to skirt? I like it as is but it sure would be nice with a skirt attached.

  4. Hi Monika!
    I’ve not linked to my blog…just to my shop.
    I LOVE this top!
    what a fab idea!
    I like it the colour it is….
    (although if your little girl is like mine..she may get it covered in paint or food, or mud?)
    what fabric where you thinking for the skirt part?
    I must come in here more often to see your work and what you’re doing!!!!

  5. Wonderful! You have found so many new and wonderful ideas since I first stopped by your blog! I really enjoy seeing them all!

    This top is delightful…what have you decided for the skirt? dress? no dress? What does your daughter think?


  6. HI,
    So good to hear you enjoyed your felting at Highland feltmakers group. I wasn’t able to attend that day, but heard about your top from Joy. It is beautiful.
    I hope you will attend again and look forward to meeting you.

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