Cabbage Scarf, Take it Further Challenge April

 The design concept for April TIF challenge is CHANGE. I have been thinking about it throughout the month… and since I find it almost impossible to grasp I have concentrated on a change which has been occupying my mind recently and that is: feltmaking and natural dyeing. The fact that from such a fine fibre like wool I can make fabric in couple of hours amazes and excites me. Look at this change:

At the beginning I had: merino wool, nylon fibre, cabbage, alum and washing soda…and my hands…

… and the result is this scarf….

… and here is the process:

White scarf made from merino and embellished with nylon fibre. I like the subtle sheen of the nylon very much. I am more than happy with the change so far. But tempted at the same time. Why not to change the colour as well??? And why not to use natural dyes instead of chemical ones… just for a change? (I have never dyed with natural dyes so far so don’t take it too far, the cabbage could work according to the book.)

Cabbage boiled and left over the night, then scarf immersed in the dyebath. The changed colour looks soo promising!

The colour after the whole process of dyeing. I am not happy with the change at all! Imagine grey grey sky – that’s the scarf! I see plenty of this colour when I look out of the window. Let’s change it: the book says that washing soda shifts colours towards blue and green, vinegar towards red. OK, let’s choose washing soda.

… the change is pleasing. Here is one picture missing for a reason I don’t remember, it was probably too dark plus I really have difficulties to make a proper picture of green objects. Does anybody know why?

So the result of diping the scarf into washing soda was lichen green. But when my husband’s imediate reaction was: Yee, it looks like my army scarf! which isn’t what I hoped for, I made another change: used petrol silk paint to brake the even lichen green.

I hoped for bluish colour at the beginning, I ended up with the green. That’s how it is with changes often. Everything is subject to change, sometimes we welcome changes, sometimes we don’t , sometimes we wish for changes to happen and they don’t or their result is different from what we wished.


8 thoughts on “Cabbage Scarf, Take it Further Challenge April

  1. What a beautiful scarf you made! Never knew that you could make such a delicate scarf with woolfelting. When I was woolfelting, it became a thick, stiff blanketlike thing. This is gorgeous, so I think I’ll try woolfelting again. Thank you for your encouragement you didn’t know you were giving me 😉

  2. What a wonderful interpretation of change. I love it. This is something I’ve been wanting to try and I appreciate that you’ve shown us the steps. I’m inspired.

  3. it’s so delicate and you got a lovely colour in the end – thanks for sharing the process – I like the way you adapted when the change wasn’t what you expected

  4. Your woolfelt is beautiful, I also didn’t know you could make it so thin. When I looked at the pictures, the gray looked like it was highlighted with purple. The change to green was amazing. Good concept to illustrate change. Great TIF this month.

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