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First of all, I would like to send a big thank you to Fiona from Lovefibre for taging me with Arte y Pico

Thank you, Fiona, I feel honored!

There are 5 rules attached to this award and they are :

  1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributes to the blogging community, no matter what language.
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There is a lot of amazing work out there so it is again difficult to choose… here are some of those inspiring blogs: The Fabric of Meditation, Homework , Daily Felt  Aileen Clarke Crafts Tenar’s Cave,  Red Red Day

 I haven’t written for so long that I almost feel like introducing myself :)…, but sometimes there are just too many things happening and the laptop’s keybord seems to be to far. So here are my last ten days or so in pictures and few words:

A week ago on Monday I wanted to try easier way of feltmaking using a steam. I have read about it in a book written by Charlotte Buch. She writes about using other methods of making felt next to traditional rolling which is rather exhausting. One of them is laying the fibre, rolling it in some densly woven fabric like lining material, steaming in a pot and then rolling for a short time and throwing until the felt is finished.

Since I just wanted to experiment I used the wool I bought on e-bay and I had plenty of it. It is a lovely greyish colour with a pink and turquoise bits and feels and looks like merino. I put two very fine layers, one across each other. After steaming in a pot (rolled in a sausage-like shape) nothing happened so I continued to roll, throw… in a usual way and made this scarf eventually.

But, it still intrigued me: if it works for her than I should be able to use this method if I follow her “recipe”. So on Tuesday, again, I put – and this time only – one layer and tried to do exactly what she says… and ended up – with my first fault product. No matter what I did and how long I rolled it, the “scarf” just wouldn’t felt completely and after throwing and stretching it tored apart.

It was on a way to the bin… when I remembered a sentence I have read somewhere: “there are no mistakes in making felt” and gave this little wet bundle a second thought and a second chance too: I rinsed and ironed it and hope to use it as an embellishment for some other project.

Ok, so it was a Tuesday night, I already had a muscle fever and still no success. But I don’t give up easily!  On Wensday I was determined to try again. But this time I made a little sample from the wool I had been using… because if things don’t work as they should it must be either in the process or in the material… And in this case it was the material: the wool, though it looked as fine as merino, felted far worse than merino or even alpaca or white welsh wool. Lesson learned: ALWAYS make a little sample before embarking on something larger!

This time I put three layers (greyish wool – merino – greyish wool) and little snipets of knitting yarn, steamed, rolled for couple of minutes – and because I was too tired I just finished the scarf in the washing machine. And it worked!

I am pleased with the result: it is still thin and drapes nicely, but there are no holes. And it is well felted.

Ocasionally people ask me to sew for them so the rest of the week I spent making these two dresses for one elderly lady… It was quite challenging although the pattern is simple: I have never met the lady and only had her old dress which was from far stretchier fabric than the ones I was going to use. It meant that I had to estimate this “stretchiness” and make the dressess larger.  I hope they will fit, will let you know once she tries them on.

And there was someone celebrating the birthday in our family…

And the sun has been shinning in the Scottish Highlands for more than a week now which meant doing some gardening and even fence painting! You know, once the sun is out here I feel that it is almost compulsory to be out of the house.

Once the dresses were finished, part of the fence painted and the celebration over I couldn’t wait to start felting again! I have already made another two scarves. The last one is now in a pot with an alum mordant, in the next pot there are some cabbage leaves cooked and tomorrow I hope to try the magic of natural dyeing! Will keep you informed!


3 thoughts on “catching up

  1. your birthday girl looks as if she was having a lovely day. I probably said before but I get a lot of inspiration from your disciplined approach to experimenting. I want to see the cabbage dyed felt too!!

  2. Oh alright then, we forgive you for not posting. It sounds like its been a busy week! happy birthday from this end of the country.

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