I have felted two knitting yarns together without any other wool/merino present – thinking of a “glueish” property of wool (it sticks together + things can be trapped with it). This is a result. It is just a sample measuring cca 20 x 20 cm.

One side with a yarn consisting of wool, silk, kid mohair and nylon – pink and purple colour.




The other side – variagated green 100 % wool.


It felted well and the yarns are stuck together, I didn’t need to use a needle to join them.

I like this lightweight wool finish: when wool is carded or in a form of a sliver it is sooo soft and delicate, I would like to keep these properties in  finished pieces.


4 thoughts on “Experimenting

  1. Lovely! I also like the scarf in your earlier post….Are you selling your scarfs on Esty? I am going to take a look from our link here:)

    How are you?

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