felting update

…in pictures and a few words…

We have been felting with the girls, that is: Margaretka (older) was a chief designer and did some rubbing (the rest was done by mom). Mariettka made this coaster and apparently enjoyed playing with soapy water more than with fibres. Mum forgot to take picture of Margaretka’s soap, but here is Mariettka’s finished and slightly altered coaster:


Mom managed to felt around two soap bars



and today made her first flat felted piece – scarf!  cca 90 x 27 cm.




I must tell I can’t take my eyes from the scarf, I am SO amazed by the felting process. How from this fine fibres you can in quite a short time make a fabric………. and there are so many possibilities to explore!


5 thoughts on “felting update

  1. Hi there,

    I love the felted heart soap bar – such a pretty thing. I agree, the possibilities are endless with wool. Its great to get the kids involved, they always seem to have the knack of creating something fab by accident!


  2. Wow.. I love the soap with the polka dots. My youngest son’s teacher gave him a soap felting kit for Christmas which we have not done yet. It is rainy and damp here, the perfect time to make it!

  3. The scarf is beautiful. What does it look like on the table, without the white background? It is hard to tell just how holey it is. We made two scribble scarves today too with handspun yarn. My daughter enjoyed the process so much she wants to write a guest post on my blog with a tutorial. I thought we should check with you first.

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