lucky dip

Hello Everyone and here is the winner of my first draw: Joanna from Things [Handmade]! Now, this is quite funny, because Joanna bought one of my felted soaps and I just sent it to her today in the morning! I didn’t think I would be sending  something to her so soon!

But look, what she included in the packet together with the cheque:


I  like the bird so much!!! Firslyt, I have seen a lot of birds, but NEVER EVER with such a great tail! Secondly, he is so well made! Thirdly, the colour combination and the stitches – beautiful! I love the folky/Asian look of him! I hang him next to my inspiration board and after cca 2 hours I realized that he is very similar to the one I embroidered for February’s Take it Further Challenge. And he is red! So thank you, Joanna, again!


Here are some of the soaps I have “felted” recently:


Some kind of laydybirds…


They might appear in my shop…

I will keep it short today as there is some light stomach flue going around in this house. Keep warm and healthy!


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