Felted bar of soap

I have read about felting around a bar of soap and couldn’t resist to try it. And – voila – here are the results:






The process is quite simple but as it is with all felting one has to be in a good shape – it requires some perseverance and healthy hands.

Some people wrap a piece of wool right around a bar of soap. When I am felting around something (soap bar, ball) I find it easier to make small patches of pre-felt (with little embellishments like heart…), wrap the object in them and then continue fulling.

If you like to felt, you can find it easier too, if you don’t like to felt but would like to have such a funny soap, you can visit my Etsy shop. It is like having a cloth for scrubbing and a soap in one. As the soap is used the felt shrinks and gets smaller. It’s recommended to leave a soap on a rack out of water so that it can dry well between uses.

Have a Good Friday!


  1. I too have felted soap. I make my own olive oil or coconut oil cold processed and hot processed soap bars. The problem is that the soap gets very soft almost like gel after a few uses and does not harden between uses. Has anyone else had this to happen. Thank.

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