Spring cleaning

I don’t know if it is comming spring or what else but I have been in a quite strong creative spring cleaning mood recently. Oh, that sounds complicated! I meant to say: little projects like playing with a shape, trying out new material/technique, developing small idea a little bit further… have been piling up in my journal and mind for several months/years because I have been too busy making other/bigger things.  As I say, most of them are little and simple but I feel that it is really time “to destash/declutter ” a little bit.

The first one on my list is this simple shape. shape-blog.jpg

I am almost ashamed now: I often think the shape is almost silly but must say at the same time how much I like it. It is probably the only shape I really (drawing without intention) doodle and  I often use it when I am making a note about our older daughter Margaretka (in Slovak – daisy) since it is much shorter. So for a long time I wanted to make something using this shape. Embroider/aplique/paint…Just something. This is where it has taken me so far.

I cut out the shape from denim in different sizes (using a template from Burda for Kids magazine).

First I made a broch. But then I was curious: what will it look like if I use different denim? And what if I use both sides of denim? And what about leather, and felt? The couple of first ones I embellished with beads. But they could look nice with buttons as well… So I was cutting and stitching and embellishing…


 until I reached a saturation point and still had quite a few flowers. I put them randomly on a fabric and decided to make a bag thinking how fast I will be finished with all of them !!! (naive me!) So I made a bag…  


  And a hat too…


 and embellished some other hats, like this for example,


 and Mariettka’ s t-shirts.


I am tired

both physically and of this shape, but satisfied. I have tried how,  sometimes, the small things can lead to something larger. That’s, after all, what Sharon B. has encouraged us to pay attention to this month. (OK, I know, I have simplified it a bit, but it’s not the end of the month yet so come back again!)


3 thoughts on “Spring cleaning

  1. These are lovely – I like the effect on the bag where you’ve cut away the fabric. You’ve done so much!

    I wonder if the word for daisy in Slovak is related to the English word marguerite – a big daisy that grows in gardens and I think it’s the same flower you sometimes see on motorway embankments and verges. And then Marguerite is also a girl’s name (but unusual nowadays).

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