Did you know?…i didn´t


My friend Caroline has made this fantastic scarf using woolen knitting yarn, merino and snippets of other fibers. I still dream about it and would love to make similar one.

Today on my short trip to the town I learned this (from the owner of a small haberdashery): not all the woolen knitting yarns are suitable for felting!!! Alas! The ones which are have it written on a label (I saw it: “suitable for felting”), the rest might or might not felt. The least probable to felt are those which altghough 100 % wool are machine washable. Producers treat them with some chemicals to prevent shrinking and felting, which I am sure,  knitters like.

Now I understand why an old cardigan I bought in a charity shop retained the original shape after I washed it in the washing machine at 60 degrees full cycle. 


2 thoughts on “Did you know?…i didn´t

  1. Oh so you can’t just felt up any old jumper?
    That must also apply to blankets then I suppose.
    I am thinking of sticking one I have in the washer to try and felt it.

  2. Well, it seems that it has to be old enough, those recenly made will be probably treated. The traditional blankets I think will felt well.
    I once felted a wide scarf in a washer and because it was quite big it got stuck together at the place were it was folded, like glued together. So I think with bigger pieces we need to be careful if a washer is used.

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