Last night I was reading this post on Ravenhill’s blog and it made me think about creativity in the lives of my ancestors…
I only remember my grandmother from my mum’s side, the grandpa had passed away when I was just a baby. My grandma was very creative. She hoped to study singing but because of family circumstances she couldn’t and went to Vienna instead to learn dressmaking. This must have been sometimes around 1930.  Years later she and her husband, who made fur coats, opened a shop on a high street in Martin, the town where I lived for more than 20 years. My grandma had a great eye for detail and dresses she made were immaculate. My mum still keeps some of them, and because it was a postwar time they lived in, all have a generous seam allowance so that they could be altered or deconstructed and another garment could be made out of the fabric!!!
Short after they set up their business the communists took power and Everything was nationalized. For a while they were allowed to work in the shop as shop assistants but eventually had to leave. These were not even grey times, it was a lot of black really.
My mum would make clothes for me, my brother and sister. Partially because there wasn’t much in shops or what was nicer, was under the counter for “friends and neighbours”. I learned to make clothes from her at a very young age, but the person who taught me how to use a sewing machine was, surprisingly, my twin brother. He is very D.I.Y. person too, busy building his own house at the moment.

I sometimes wonder if our daughters will like to create with their hands or will find a pleasure in other activities. Margaretka’s main medium is cellotape and paper, Mariettka loves to paint, yesterday, she took the painting further and I caught her doing this. She was defending herself with words: “I want to be big!”


2 thoughts on “creativity

  1. It is wonderful to read of your relatives and then see a photo of you daughter…she is lovely:) I wonder what she will do with her creative gifts..the nail painting is big:)

    I see a book with photos of your work and stories of your family…Your stories intrigue me….with politics always such a hot topic here in the states, hearing your experience, and that of your family gives such a different perspecitve.

    I love your work…

  2. It is really interesting to hear all about your familie’s creative and political history, I love the way these creative gifts are passed down the generations.
    It is such a wonderful gift to give your children and grandchildren the permission to create.

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