Garden quilt – finished

More than a year since I started this quilt it can be pronounced finished.
At the beginning it was just an experiment. I used to make cards using dried flowers and still had some – from my mum’s garden. Moving over here I have got used to drinking a lot of English tea. So I thought what if I put these two together. Using Bondaweb I bonded flowers to dried and emptied tea bags and joined all of them with Angelina fibre, like a cobweb (in the garden).
For the groundcloth I used some of the cotton I dyed couple of years ago. It is all bonded to a brown felt. Since I used only simple and not a lot of stitches and no bating it is for me unusually flat (which makes me wonder if it is really really finished).
It is a patient quilt: it had to wait a lot from the beginning to it’s end. But we made it together! Funny, with each finnished UFO (unfinished object or WIPs work in progress) I feel lighter and more free

(to start again something else, maybe another UFO 🙂 )

 For more detailed pictures click here please. More posts about this quilt are in the mixed media category.


  1. Well done you!
    It does feel so good to finish something. It’s good for me to read this because last night as I was sitting in my room I spotted some ‘under the bed’ art work sticking out and felt the urge to retrieve it and looking at it with fresh eyes made me feel like doing something with it.
    like finishing it maybe.
    well done again on your garden quilt. It is lovely. How nice to use flowers from your mums garden. Flowers and tea, reminds me of my mum too.
    thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Thank you, Caroline! I see here another title for UFO´s: under the bed art work, super funny (and serious at the same time). Yes, do something with it now, it won´last forever that feeling. Hope to see it soon!

  3. haha you saw me lurking did you? I enjoy your blog very much.
    I love to see I am not the only Bonda(ge)web fan! ;o)

    The quilt is really beautiful, I am amazed by the use of real flowers, I wish I had thought of that.


  4. Thank you very much! Mmm, I love dried flowers, I hope to make some postcards again in the near future, it’s like having something alive on a paper.
    I am also thinking of what else to do with them. I would really love to stich on the top of them, but they are so fragile… Maybe our Bondaweb could help???


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