Design for TIF February- final?

continued from here 

So what have I been doing recently? Trying to finish the skirt for a friend, unsuccesfully; embroidering this little pincushion for me and my own pleasure, seems successfully, some mending, a lot of cooking – and working on a TIF challenge for this month. You see the final result on the picture, final so far.
After some mindmaping I have decided to stick with my first thoughts after the concept was announced on Sharon’s blog: I am old enough to remember life under communists, in fact I have lived in their regime for slightly less than half of my life now.
Every person would have a different story to tell, I count myself to be luckier one here: I remember how grey was everything – apart from the red stars, sickle and a hammer, our red scarves/ ties tied around blue shirt’s colars – and meaningless mottos on huge banners placed on the tops of the buildings.
Grey were buildings owned by and neglected by the state, the only owner of Everything. Grey was a smog from newly built factories. And SAFE was to be “grey”, not to stick out from the crowd. That was the most important grey…
That’s why the left part of my picture is in this colour.
On the right side I am thinking of using more cheerful colour and some of the motifs from traditional Slovak embroidery as a symbol of a nation’s culture and identity. It represents life after communists lost power.

I must admitt I am stil a bit lost among my thoughts: I feel that the theme is bigger than I can embrace at the moment as it covers both historical facts and my personal experience. I have been trying to sort out my thoughts by writing and drawing quite a lot and thinking about/trying out some of the techniques how to depict them. I hope to blog about it soon.


  1. I can imagine that you have difficulties to express the feelings. I have visit Slovakia in 1997 and have seen the huge grey flats everywhere. The loudspeakers in the streets…still working.
    I really wish you luck with the tif February and I hope to see your beautiful traditional colorful embroidery 🙂

  2. I think this will be a wonderful piece and I find it amazing reading everyone’s stories. My uncle was Slovak (he died 10 years ago) and his wife (my mum’s sister) and sons have all made trips there to meet family aand keep that thread/connection with him going.

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