Take it Further February

Sharon B has announced on her blog the concept for the next month challenge. It is a question: What you are old enough to remember?

The first what poped up in my mind was: communists and communist times. I was 17 when they lost power and was studying at the secondery commercial school. The days when we all of the sudden became democratic country were dramatic. When after cca 7 years I became a teacher at the very same school I had to describe to my students how it was to live under communists. And as the years went on I had to explain more and more since those younger and younger remembered less and less.

We shall see… (when I was in the Netherlands I met a couple who had met group of Slovaks before. The Dutch couple doesn’t speak Slovak but they remembered a word “uvidíme” = we shall see, since Slovaks used it so often. I find it very amusing: maybe it is a direct result of living in a planned economy :D)


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