? vintage – part 2

Yesterday I wrote a little note about terms vintage, antique and retro. Some of you found it interesting and I felt it would be appropriate to be more precise as for who said this. So I checked the article in the Selvedge magazine again and here are some more information: the time periods for these terms were quoted by Sara Wilson of an on-line shop Sara´s Attic. She is a member of Vintage Fashion Guild. Wikipedia says the same regarding antique and vintage clothes. It seems that it doesn´t always apply to other good, like jewellery, furniture, cars etc.


2 thoughts on “? vintage – part 2

  1. Its interesting how these words are now used to suggest a quality to the piece aswell as its age. When does out of fashion become retro? Does it become better to be retro? It seems to make something sound cool.

  2. According to Wikipedia, retro means old fashion, but it seems that it is not used to mean this. Retro is something out of fashion AND cool at the same time, as you said.
    :D, yes, if something is blessed with this title retro, then it becomes better than old-fashioned. I would say people who make fashion make out of fashion become retro.

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