jeans and a book

I like to buy plain clothes and then embellish them futher with a thread or a paint. I bought these jeans with lovely top stitching yesterday and a book which I bought 10 days ago on e-bay came in the post at last! It is black and white, small format (handy for travelling) and with good clear instructions. I had only little time but a big need to embroider at least a little bit and to embroider in RED (it has been soooo grey recently!) so I embellished this little jeans with a coral stitch (stems), buttons and  french knots.
For some unknown reasons Mariettka doesn’t like them at all, with or without embroidery. We shall see when she gets better, she has been in fevers since Thursday night.

As for my WIP – no big progress: the newspapers under the felt which I painted with a coffee was all brown, the felt just little bit – and it is hard like a rock now. If it doesn’t soften after some ironing I will have to think of another solution – again.


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