a cup

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“n” is finished, the quilt is not

but – at last I had and The Idea, which can help to finish this WIP!

Since I began this piece I haven’t been sure how to make it so that I could hang it. I wanted edges to be raw, but I knew I need to add another layer/s to make it a bit sturdy. I decided to back it with a felt, to fuse felt on the back of the dyed calico pieces.
I got stuck with the felt: I have a white one at home and tried to dye it with hot dyes. It didn’t work at all, because I just immersed the felt into a solutione made from a hot water and the dye ( I don’t have a spare pot for hot water dyeing here). The felt is acrylic and the colour just washed away when I put it under the running water. Then I bought another dye thinking it was a cold dye – but not, another mistake, when I was just about to dissolve it, I  noticed that it is again a hot dye.
Today I have decided to use coffee and a brush so that the colour would stay where it is meant to be. We shall see …

continued here


4 thoughts on “a cup

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  2. sorry to hear about your dyeing woes – coffee sounds like a good combination with the teabags and the flowers, though. I just looked at the pics of this on Flickr and I like it so much – love the colours and the stitching – everything!

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