BURDA – The World of Fashion

I grew up under communists – which means that there was not much in the shops and because of it I grew up with Burda Mode Magazine. As far as I can remember we used this German magazine which has been named after her founder Anne Burda. We couldn’t buy it, but if someone we knew travelled abroad (to the West) we would ask him to buy it for us. Later it was published in Russian language and sold in Slovakia too.
Whenever I am sewing I use patterns from this magazine. The patterns are on sheets like the one on the picture and I transfer them on a thin paper (like tissue paper), cut them out, use and store for the future. Nowadays every pattern is usually in sizes from 38 to 46, there are several patterns for petite, several PLUS and a few for children in each issue. Apart from this there are some craft ideas and again description how to realize them. The patterns are marked according to thir difficulty and fit very well. I have been sewing for more than twenty years now but I remember only one or two occasions when they wouldn’t fit together.
Besides, I think it is a good value for money. One issue costs about 5 £ and I get a good selection of patterns for trousers, skirts, dress/es, tops and jackets/coats – according to a season. There are fashion news and some info about beauty and hair styling in every issue as well.

I am using this magazine again now. After I finished January Take it Further challenge I need to finish a skirt I have promised to make for a friend…


4 thoughts on “BURDA – The World of Fashion

  1. I too learnt to sew with burda, and made my daughters’clothes from burda. Whenever i need to sew a cloth for me, I go to burda, so does my elder daughter 🙂

  2. I learned and used to sew all my clothes from burda, but recently the agent of this magazine doesnt supply us with enough no. of magazine, besides it became very expensive, how can i get this magazine in english?

    one more comment please, the fashion you show are only for very young and thin girls, plz try to make more comprehensive as before,


  3. Soy de Guatemala, en América central. Conocí la revista Burda en el año de 1974, desde entonces me enamoré de ella, se hacen tantas cosas lindas, la ropa para todas las edades queda perfecta. Pero…. desde hace algunos años dejó de venderse en mi país. Me han regalado algunos números en alemán pero me cuesta entender muchas cosas. Quisiera volver a comprarla es español en mi país.
    ¿alguien puede darme alguna información?

  4. i am very fond of sewing since my early childhood ,therefore i acquired good skill at dress making .when burda moden magazine became known to me ,i benefitted a lot from its practical models not only for me but for the whole members of my family .because of burda magazine we all wore fashionable clothes that won the admiration of all our frinds . burda magazine didnot only teach us sewing and stitching but many other skills like knittin.painting on cloth and even designing ,thanks to burda for all the good things it taught us and more thanks to the creative lady ,anne burda whose efforts have helped millions of women all over the world to dress themselves and their children the most beautiful clothes and to economize their income too .

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