Garden quilt in progress

This is the only work in progress (WIP) or unfinished object (UFO) which I have at the moment. I am always keen to start a project and I have the need to finish things, I feel almost guilty if I don’t, or defeted? I love order in my life, our family life, our houshold, sounds terrible,  I know, but I it is the only way I can have some time for myself and my hobbies: if I am organized.

Before we moved over to Scotland I never really drank proper English tea. In Slovakia we drink mainly herbal teas. But being here I have got used to it quickly. I had this idea of using tea bags for their nice colours and to brighten them with pressed flowers (from my mum’s garden back in SK). I joined all of them with the web from Angelina fibre.

I am using this now for the quilt “Tea in the garden”. Today I have added cups for a tea – while warming up with a nice hot cup of English tea
(the weather is miserable: cold, wet and slippy, oh yes, now I understand why English tea and Scottish Whisky!…).

 Continued here


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