A Bag Year

It seems it is going to be a year of bags in this house. It all started before Christmas: I needed some little bags to put gifts in, and as usual I found it much easier to make them rather than go hunting in the town (+ I was destashing!). They came out better than I expected, I was really pleased with the shape especially. I wasn’t the only one though: my daughters “would love to have some bags like them as well...”
So here they are and again I really like them + the fact that I just recycled what I already had. The denim one is made from an old denim skirt and girls vest. The corduroy one is from a thrifted fabric and small patchwork scraps.
It is so rewarding to make my own designs: although it takes more time (and a bit of struggle), but it is interesting to see how the material guides me in a way. For example: the handles on the corduroy one seemed to be too long, so I was measuring how much I need to cut off. And then an idea came: Why not to use it as a little embellishment on the bag? To neaten the edge I used the last (typical me!) tiny square of fabric… And Mariettka is talking even to  strangers (like shop assistants…) about her “lovely bag“.
Now, there is an order from the older Margaretka to work at…


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