Fearless Creating by E. Maisel, Introduction

In this book, I mean to guide you step by step over, around, and through the obstacles inherent in the creative process.” – is the first sentence in the introduction. He continues “…this is a book about work and love, about self-doubt and self-confidence, about nervous tensions and deep (but brief) satisfactions.”  He lists stages of the creative process: wishing, choosing, starting, working, completing and showing, anxieties (bariers to create) connected with each of them and presents solutions for anxieties. He says that creating is a struggle and therefore an artist may be tempted not to work deeply, because “if working is a struggle, working deeply is a greater struggle”.

At the end of the introduction he talks about five items which all influence what we create and what we fail to create: the personality of an artist, the creative process “the invisible internal operation”, the creative act (making a piece of art), the product of this creative act (a piece of art) and the world which surrounds an artist.

 In each of the chapter there are some exercise to do.

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