I thought I would read tonight, but to keep a balance (in my creative diet: between reading about creativity and actually creating)…

…I went to my wardrobe to check two of my old skirts which I had wanted to remake long ago. I got inspired by three little pics of Alison Willoughby’s skirts in Fiberarts. I brought the skirts to my stash of fabrics: I rarely say that I have nothing to wear, but often feel that I don’t have enough fabrics, or the right ones better to say…

I realized that it is not so easy to make a skirt for ME: couple of good designs poped up but WHAT would I wear it with??? If I was to sell the skirt the choice of embelishment would be much easier.

However, I did find some fabrics and now I am going to give ideas some time to develop before I embark on stitching itself.

I feel this need these days: to hush, not to rush, to give thoughts, plans and projects time, to wait…

The rest of the evening I spent on Flickr. I used to do a lot of dressmaking in the past and I am still drawn to it. I am trying to understand myself better, what is it exactly what I would like to do: embroidery, patchwork, painting or … I guess to use all of it when creating or remaking clothes. We shall see (favorite Slovak expression :).


One thought on “Skirts

  1. I loved those Alison Willoughby skirts too – thought I might look for the book when it comes out – looking forward to seeing what you do

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