My Christmas Presents, 2007

This is what I found under the Christmas tree this year (that’s why I alwas say that my husband is very supportive, I gave him an extract from my long book wishing list and he fulfilled all my wishes.) Some of the books I saw in the library/bookshop but some are new to me.

So that’s what I was doing mostly recently: reading Fearless Creating  by Eric Maisel – I would like to write down some notes here on the blog later.
And I was also checking blogs of Take it Further participants. I got to the number 120 !, I wish to have them all in my Bloglines – I know, I am a control freek. I still don’t know how will I keep up with posts from 277 blogs but life will show.

Also new issues of Embroidery and Fiberarts arrived. I so much enjoy reading these mags, and the pictures! If you are a fan of Alison Willoughby skirts – she will have a book called 49 sensational skirts published in April 2008!
To keep a balance – I was also stitching. I have finished another bag, it is from a cushion cover which I found in a charity shop. And I was also working on a “house” quilt (working name) and thinking about a January concept for TIF challenge.



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