Christmas in Slovakia

In Slovakia as in many other continental European countries today is THE DAY and especially The Evening: when the life slows down, all the families sit down at the tables full of good meal, cakes, fruits and nuts and after the Christmas Dinner the presents are being opened. Traditionally they are brought and given by little Jesus, not Santa Claus.
Santa comes to Slovakia during the night from December 5th and 6th and leaves bags of sweets, fruits and nuts in stockings or polished shoes which awaits him behind the windows. Those who have not been good throughout the year get a piece of coal and a stick.
Traditional Christmas Dinner consists of “kapustnica” made from sour cabbage, smoked sausages, pork meat, mushroms and potatoes. Of course, there are many variations of this soup. After the fish – carp – folows, served with potatoes or a potatoe salad. And then – many kinds of cookies and cakes. It is not uncomen to bake 8 to 13 different ones. The picture shows “medovníčky”, honey cookies, which are very traditional and can be decorated in different ways. For colorful ones look here.


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