I am trying to tidy up my pictures in the computer (what a work it is in these days of digital cameras when I can take so many pics every day!) as well as my semiprocessed cutouts (cut but not glued…) from magazines .

 Whatever goes through my hands I carefully check looking for an ineresting colour/s/ combination, pictures, words,.. cut out and (one day) glue down into my journal (A4 size, plain exercise book, the bigger bottom one).  It is my inspiration “board”.  I don’t think I have ever reproduced any image from it but I have learned about a design and it’s elements while looking at these pictures. I find it delightfull to come back to it. And because the cutouts are so many I use it for nothing else, I wory that my own ideas would just get lost/I would need a new journal every month.

For recording my ideas and developing some of them into drawings I use A5, plain one. I have it close to my hand i.m., between the sink and the hob in the kitchen. There is a little corner where it rests together with my sewing basket and a laptop. (I try not to think about my workroom I had in our previous accomodation, the current one doesn’t offer this luxury :().

A6, plain one is next to my bed: on the way to or out of bed I get inspired the most. It can be a word, a thought, a picture which flashes through my mind – and it gets caught up in that little notebook on the far left. Later it is usually transfered to the bigger one.

The smallest one (in the left bottom corner) goes with me to the “world” in my bag. First, it helps Mariettka (2yrs old) to pass time wherever we have to wait. Second, I record everything what attracts my attention while being out (and without my bigger journal, which wouldn’t fit into my bag and I would have to remember to take it out and in). I offten use it when being in a bookshop and checking magazines and books (sometimes I sneek out of the house and spend an hour or two in a bookstore just reading, oh well, I can’t have every book I like). Again, anything important gets transfered into the bigger one.

The small one in the middle I no longer use. I thought I could practice some drawing while beeing out with our girls. Not yet. Mariettka still needs my hand and Margaretka loves my attention :).

 Have you ever heard about 1000 journals project?


2 thoughts on “Journaling

  1. Hi, I enjoyed looking at your journal work. Thanks for sharing it. I found your blog on the Take It Further Challenge page. I am making my way around the blogs and sites.. just to see what everyone is up to. You had mentioned that you are not writing in Slovik, that it would be easier for you. I have seen on some of the International sites, a translator button that you can use to interpret different languages. I am sorry but I do not have any of the links to offer you, but if you did a search I am sure you could find what you need.
    I hope to look back at your site as the TIF project gets under way…. Jane

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