Creativity Today

This is an account of my creativity + work = creative work today:
1 cake
1 soup
2 pieces of mended clothes
2 unfinished lavender bags made from crocheted placements found in a charity shop
+ buyng, puting up and decorating christmas tree

I have always prefered a needle to a woden spoon, but am learning (sometimes slowly) to enjoy cooking as well. The thing which I dislike the most about it is it’s perishability. A finished dress or embroidery brings me a pleasure whenever I look at it, wear it… unlike food: mess while making, weariness from tidying up the kitchen and empty pots tomorrow. But – when I think of  the process as creating something new, making something with my hands, then it is more uplifting. Because I like to make things with my hands. Btw, it reminds me of today’s post by Sharon B where she mentions a Whip Up movement and their manifesto. I could  indentify myself with a lot of it though I don’t like to follow any movement. I like making things and making them slowly, enjoying process and the result but  accept that other’s may not.


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