Christmas Presents

As I wrote yesterday I finished my handmade Christmas presents. The lavender bags are all different, the Christmas bags are all the same. Quite an intersting experience: to make 10 same Christmas bags. As I was sewing them I was thinking about whether I would like to earn my living making handmade things. Producing 10, 20 of something similar. Well, I am too much a buterfly-kind-of-a-soul, I would not enjoy it very much. With the lavender bags it is different. As I was making them I was trying to choose colours which are the recipient’s favourite and take their age and style into account too. So it was more creative.

The other day Margaretka was listening to Paddington Bear CD and creating little book of what she heard. I thought it is time to make little books for her which I saw at Soule Mama blog. I decorated them with stamps and cutouts from a magazine and a postcard which in turn can inspire her what to write in a book about. So far they have been filled with little ilustrations only.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Presents

  1. Am I the first to comment on your blog, ever? That feels like rather an honour. I think maybe a fanfare or something is called for!
    Just wanted to wish you happy blogging, happy crafting, happy charity shop hunting, happy Christmas…
    (I think the best thing I ever got in a charity shop was the American quilt top from about 1920, that i bought somewhere in the Scottish borders this summer.)

  2. Ah! You accomplished that which I tried to do this year – to make reusable Christmas gift bags! Well done!!

    I concur with your thoughts of making production runs of any one item – just not my cup of tea! I know what you mean to customize items for the particular recipient. I think this is what gives such special meaning to the gifts – the thoughts involved in the making.

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