Goodies from a charity shop

I must confess: I love charity shops. They are the must when I go to the town. 1. it feels so good knowing that I can always afford to buy something from my little budget 2. there are almost always one-off pieces 3. sometimes I find a true gems in there 4. if I make a shopping mistake, it doesn’t cost me much 4. I like the fact that the things in there have their stories behind them and offen ponder who was the owner, why was the thing “thrown away” 5. it’s where I buy fabrics for my crafts since in the whole Highlands there is only one!!! fabric shop. 6. I believe that things should be used, recycled.

I first look for an interesting fabric, either pattern or colour or texture. Then I check the size. Even if it doesn’t fit my proportions and I still like the rest I might buy – to add to my stash. Sometimes I find interesting books/magazines, silk or woollen scarfs or buttons and unused zips.

The picture above shows hankies and some of the buttons from my last visit to the town. What a delicate work! They are all from very fine cotton and at least the middle one is hand embroidered. Aren’t you curious about the story behind them? Because I am!


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