I am so happy and proud as well: I have just leart how to link to other blogs – see that green “Take it Further” in the first post and here? !!! And I also managed to “persuade” a widget called “Flickr” to show an image from my Flickr account. Hura!

Amidst all of this and other things I am trying to make some lavander bags as  Christmas gifts. And some Christmas bags to put them in. This was the first one. Originally I thought of making some patchwork squares and filling them with a lavander. And when I was stitching this little purse my older daughter Margaretka expressed her wish to join in. So she started with the heart shape but soon gave up. She found it difficult to figure out where to put the needle from the back of Aida. Btw, it was the first time when I realized that cross-stitch is not as simple as I thought before.

So I finished the heart and made a little house. I thoroughly enjoy hand stitching because it is a slow process which gives time to all kinds of thoughts to come to my mind. Like here. House, full of love and a nice smell… I love to be at home. And I often pray in the morning that we as a family would live in peace and love throughout the day.

I have made couple of these squares and have decided to make a little quilt instead of bags since they “speak” to me a lot. So now I am making another bags with a different design. Once they are finished I will post images.


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