Hello world!

Yes, hello world! Here I am, another newbie to blogging. When I started with setting up this blog I had all kinds of mixed feelings from that conversion of being just a reader and suddenly becoming a “writer”, becoming sooo public… Now after few hours of trying to figure out what is a theme, widgets and avatar…. I am just fit for bed. But – let me just say a few words ABOUT.

I like to do all kinds of crafts: sewing and dressmaking, embroidery and patchwork, fabric painting and batik. I also like to read about all of these, wether it is contemporary or traditional, books, magazines, blogs…. So this is how I spend my free time and what I would like to post about.

The true reason behind creating this blog is very simple: from January 2008, God’s willing, I would like to participate in a challenge called Take in Further organized by Sharon B. from Australia . And for this I need Flickr account or better a blog. I already have images of some of my work on Flickr but to keep track of what I do for challenge I feel the blog is more appropriate. So, here I am…


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